“The main cause of poverty or financial struggle is fear and ignorance, not the economy, or the government, or the rich.”

Robert Kayosaki

Up until now, I have had the worst knowledge of money. It’s not really something you realize. You grab your budget book, chart out your expenses, make sure to stay within a certain budget etc. Although, I was doing these things on the daily basis, I wasn’t actually doing anything. I would chart my expenses just to spend the same amount the next month. I would budget and still bring home nothing. I began to wonder why I was in a constant financial struggle, when I was doing everything right!

Little did I know, I knew absolutely nothing about money, or how to make more of it. The more money I thought I was making, the more broke I became.

I don’t know about you, but my school didn’t teach me ANYTHING about money. They told me where to make it, but never how to keep it.

Shifting my Mindset

It wasn’t up until a few months ago, that I began to realize, my lack of knowledge was the reason I kept ending up back where I started. If you had asked me then, do you like to read financial books?, I probably would have laughed in your face, not condescendingly, just unbelievably lol. I found them to be so incredibly boring, but that was only because I never knew what to look for. I thought they were just going to tell me more things that I already knew. Boy was I wrong!

Two months ago, I came upon this app called libby while I was watching a few financial videos on youtube.

(Side note: This is the creator that taught and is currently teaching me EVERYTHING I need to know about finances and investing. Check her out if you’re interested in having more success with your money.)

Libby turned out to be a lifesaver when it came to finding popular books that I couldn’t afford to purchase. They let you rent out books from local libraries in the area with the use of a virtual library card. I now have hundreds of books at my disposal! Here is the first book that is currently changing my perspective on money:

My Latest Reads

This book has been my holy grail! Having the opportunity to learn about money from someone as successful as Robert is a privilege, but the way he explains it makes the book so much more enjoyable! He uses simple tactics, and tips that everyone can understand. He breaks down terms that typically only accountants, bankers etc. would know into laymen’s terms for your enjoyment. So far, I have learned that the real reason I’m not making money, is not because I’m getting paid too little. It’s because of my lack of financial knowledge and quantity of liabilities.

Every time I desire something, I should first examine myself. Is this item going to bring income?, or will it make me lose money? If the item or service isn’t generating income, but appears to be a good investment, I then need to focus on what stream of income I can build that will take care of the expenses of this item or service. Every liability should come with a new stream of income. It’s time to stop spending ALL of your money on liabilities, and to start investing in assets! If you want to learn more about the book, or even get a sneak peek at the contents, head to Libby so that you don’t have to pay for it until you know for certain that it will be useful to you.

The second book that has been making an impact on my financial mindset is:

This book took a whole different approach on the financial outlook. Instead of teaching you how to manage your money, it guides you through the stories of successful people that had a strong belief in their potential. It was through this strong determination, and relentless effort to not give up, that they were able to manifest their ability into reality. I for one, believe wholeheartedly, that you attract what you work towards and think about. When you think in abundance; realize that anything is possible, and remain open to the possibility of the unexpected, you begin to shift your frequency. Napoleon Hill writes all about this in his book, “Think and Grow Rich.” I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to manifest abundance in their current situation.

That’s all of the books I’m reading right now. But I want to express to you as my reader, the importance of finding ways to self-improve. Improving your mindset, habits, knowledge etc., will not only benefit you, but will give you more confidence in your ability! I encourage you to take as much time as you can to learn, and to leave yourself open to possibility.

I’ll continue to update you with my latest reads, as long as you leave a comment down below letting me know what you think of the recommendations! Don’t forget to check out the Libby app and let me know how you like that too!

Later 😉

~ Dasi

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